Deltec PF509

  • 3 150 kr


The PF509 is the starting model of a  new fourth generation of Deltec Fluidised Calcium Reactors which now  comes with a full bayonet fitting on the top for full and easy access to  the media.
This may be the baby of the family but with its  fluidising action it is capable of providing the required calcium levels  on tanks up to 100 UK gallons - 450 litres - 119 US gallons.

The  reactor comes complete with 2 kg of Rowalith C+ media and if you add  this to one of the D-D saltwater Co2 sets then you will have everything  that you need to plug and play.

Technical Data:

Mk4 Fluidised Calcium Reactor
For use in saltwater Aquariums only


For Aquariums up to 450 litres - 100 UK gallons - 119 US gallons.

Footprint Dimensions: 

L: 180mm x W: 140mm x H: 500mm
L: 7 1/8 " x W: 5 1/2" x H: 19 3/4"


For fluidized calcium reactors to achieve the stated capacities, Rowalith C+ media is recommended