Deltec Aqua Crown Hy Carb Special

  • 245 kr

Deltec Hy Carb Special is composed of a phosphate free carbonate basic  material with the addition of 10% magnesium granulate. If a higher  magnesium concentration is desired, this can be achieved by the addition  of Deltec Hy Mag (pure magnesium granulate).

Careful: avoid an overdose of magnesium by taking regular measurements.  The magnesium content of the seawater should be approx. 1350mg/l.

Thus by using it in a Deltec Fluidised Bed Calcium Reactor the seawater  aquarium is provided with calcium and magnesium. In order to avoid  possible initial clouding the granulate should be rinsed before filling.  After filling, the pH value in the calcium reactor initially increases significantly.  Thereafter the pH value should be maintained at 6.3 for best results.