Hanna Photometer Marine for Saltwater Bluetooth, HI-97115

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Marine Master Waterproof Wireless Multiparameter Photometer

pH, Alkalinity, Ammonia, Calcium, Magnesium, Nitrate Low Range, Nitrate High Range, Nitrite Ultra Low Range, Phosphate Ultra Low Range.

The HI97115 is a compact and versatile Marine multiparameter photometer designed to accurately determine pH, Alkalinity, Ammonia, Calcium, Magnesium, Nitrate, Nitrite, and Phosphate levels in aquariums and marine biology applications. The HI97115 is suitable for field and bench measurements. The HI97115 can be used as a stand

-alone photometer or can be connected to the Hanna Lab App with a compatible smart device via the integrated Bluetooth module. When connected, Hanna Lab App functions include measurement with the ability to add notes, data logging with extended storage capacity, data sharing, and the ability to create and save method groups.

Precise and advanced LED optical system Innovative optical design that utilizes a reference detector and focusing lens to eliminate errors from changes in the light source and from imperfections in the glass cuvette. LEDs have a much higher luminous efficiency, providing more light while using less power. They also produce little heat, which could otherwise affect electronic stability.

Waterproof and floating IP67 meter design

Option to select measurement location for better tracking consistency

CAL Check™ validation and calibration Validate instrument performance at any time using CAL Check cuvettes made with NIST traceable standards.The CAL Check screen guides the user step-by-step through the validation process and user calibration. GLP data displays the last calibration date.

Backlit LCD and on-screen help to guide users

Built-in reaction timer that ensures consistency between tests.

On-screen tutorial mode with animations The built-in tutorial mode guides users step-by-step through the measurement process. It includes all steps required for sample preparation, the required reagents and quantities.

Tutorial mode can be easily enabled or disabled from the setup menu.

Includes auto-data logging features to easily record water testing results The instrument features a data autolog function to help users keep track of all measurements. Every time a measurement is made the data is automatically saved. The data log can hold 200 individual measurements. When the data log is full (200 data points), the meter will rewrite the oldest data point.

Positive locking system The Hanna positive-locking system ensures cuvettes are placed into the holder in the same position every time.

Hanna Lab App When used with the HI97115, the Hanna Lab App adds an enhanced user experience to a compatible

smart device. Features include: measurement with the ability add notes, data logging with extended storage capacity, data sharing, and the ability to create and save method groups..

- Samples can be named along with annotations
- View logged detail with date and time
- Share logged data in various formats
- Control meter settings within the Hanna Lab App

Ordering Information: HI-97115 is supplied with sample cuvette (2 pcs.), sample cuvette cap (2 pcs.), 1.5V AA alkaline batteries 3pcs., instrument quality certificate, and Quick Reference guide with QR code for instruction manual download.

* CAL Check standards and testing reagents sold separately


Marine pHRange6.3 to 8.6pH
Accuracy±0.2pH of reading at 25°C
MethodColorimetric Adaptation of the Phenol Red Method
LED525 nm
Marine AlkalinityRange0.0 to 20.0dkH
Accuracy±0.3dKH ±5% of reading at 25°C
MethodColorimetric Method
Marine AmmoniaRange0.00 to 2.50ppm (as NH)
Accuracy±0.05ppm 5% of reading at 25°C
MethodAdaptation of the Salicylate Method
Marine CalciumRange200 to 600ppm
Resolution1 ppm
Accuracy±6% of reading at 25°C
MethodAdaptation of the Zincon Method
Marine MagnesiumRange1000 to 1800ppm (as Mg2+)
Accuracy±5% of reading at 25°C
MethodAdaptation of the Colorimetric EDTA Method
Marine Nitrate LRRange0.00 to 5.00ppm (as NO₃–)
Accuracy±0.25ppm ±2% of reading at 25°C
MethodZinc Reduction Method
Marine Nitrate HRRange0.0 to 75.0ppm (as NO)
Accuracy±2.0 ppm ±5% of reading at 25°C
MethodZinc Reduction Method
Marine Nitrite ULRRange0 to 200ppb (as NO–-N)
Accuracy±10ppb ±4% of reading at 25°C
MethodAdaptation of the EPA Diazotization Method 354.1
Marine Phosphate ULRRange0.00 to 0.90ppm
Accuracy±0.02ppm ±5% of reading at 25°C
MethodAdaptation of Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater, 20th Edition, Ascorbic Acid Method
Measurement SystemLight sourceLED
Bandpass filterwavelength 525nm & 610nm bandwidth 8 nm wavelength accuracy ±1.0nm
Light detectorsilicon photocell
Cuvette Typeround 24.6mm diameter (22mm inside diameter)
Additional SpecificationsAuto logging200 readings
Display128 x 64 pixel B/W LCD with backlight
Auto-ofafter 15 minutes of inactivity (30 minutes before a READ measurement)
Battery type / Lifealkaline 1.5 V AA (3) / > 800 measurements (without backlight)
Environment0 to 50°C; 0 to 100% RH, nonserviceable
Dimensions142.5 x 102.5 x 50.5mm
Weight380g; with batteries
CasingIP67 rating, floating