Deltec 1000i

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Deltec Skimmer 1000i

Technical details:

Aquarium size 500 to 1,000 liters
Power Consumption 13 Watts with 650 liters of air (in normal operation)
Measures (LXBXH): 24 x 15.5 x 52 cm
Pump Deltec DCC 2
For filter troughs with 15 to 25 cm water level

Product details:

Highly efficient cylinder shape
Safe by newly developed emergency overflow with water level indicator
Whisper quiet by a new hollow chamber floor
Extremely low power consumption
Quick and easy removal of the pump
Variable adjustable pump

Product description in detail:

Deltec skimmers are characterized by particularly  good skimming results. The Deltec Skimmer 1000i has a newly developed  emergency overflow.
This prevents the "over-boil" of the skimmer with reduced air supply, e.g. by bending the silicone hose or foreign body in the
Air intake. When the air supply is reduced, the water level in the skimmer increases. This can lead, in extreme cases, to the
Skimmer "overcooked" and the water so high that it is pressed into the foam pot and the dirt is again flushed into the aquarium.
This can lead to an extreme load on the water. The emergency overflow prevents the water from rising above a certain level
and it can come to over-cook.

Emergency overflow pipe & regulator pipe:

The water level in the skimmer can be read off at  the emergency overflow pipe. In addition, minimum and maximum markings  help with the optimal
Adjustment of the water level. Due to the  possibility to exchange the emergency overflow pipe with the regulator  pipe, the user has the possibility to self-assemble
decide how the pipes are arranged.


The Deltec Skimmer 1000i is operated with the  Deltec pump DCC 2. This 24V DC pump is controllable via an eight - stage  controller
can be optimally adjusted to the water level and the water load. On the (for most aquariums) optimal level 5
with only 13 watts about 650 liters of air generated.