Deltec 600i

  • 4 000 kr
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Deltec Skimmer 600i (Replacement for SC 1351)

 För akvarier 200 l - 600 l.

Deltec skimmers are characterized by particularly  good skimming results. The Deltec Skimmer 600i has a newly developed  emergency overflow. This prevents the "boil over" of the skimmer with  reduced air supply, e.g. by kinking the silicone hose or foreign bodies  in the air intake line. If the air supply is reduced, the water level in  the skimmer increases. In extreme cases, this can cause the skimmer to  "overcook" and cause the water to rise to push it into the foam pot and  flush the dirt back into the aquarium. This can lead to an extreme load  on the water. The emergency overflow prevents the water from rising  above a certain level and overcooking it.


Emergency overflow pipe & regulator tube

At the emergency overflow pipe the water level can  be read in the skimmer. In addition, minimum and maximum markings help  to optimize the water level. The possibility to exchange the emergency  overflow pipe with the regulator pipe allows the user to decide how the  pipes are arranged.



The Deltec Skimmer 600i is powered by the Deltec  DCC 2 pump. This 24V DC pump is adjustable via an eight-stage controller  and can thus be optimally adjusted to the water level and the water  load. At the optimal level 3 (for most aquariums) approx. 500 liters of  air are generated with only 11 watts.


The ergonomic cylinder shape

The ergonomic cylindrical shape of the Deltec  Skimmer 600i gives you the best results when it comes to skinning. The  shape of the skimmer does not taper upwards. Thus, the small air bubbles  can rise unhindered, are fully saturated and burst only in the riser of  the foam pot.


Hollow chamber floor

An additional innovation of the Deltec Skimmer 600i  is the hollow floor. This helps to dampen the noise even further,  making the already quiet Deltec Skimmer 600i is called "whisper quiet".  In addition, the water flows back through the hollow floor. That the  water is led out of the skimmer at the lowest possible point, which  means that almost no air bubbles can flow into the aquarium anymore.


Disassembly, dimensions & construction

The regularly required cleaning of the pump is very  easy due to the simple and quick disassembly of the skimmer. The Deltec  Skimmer 600i can be mounted and dismounted without tools. Our tests  have shown that you can remove the pump from the skimmer in less than 20  seconds.

The dimensions of our skimmer are chosen so that  they can be placed comfortably in their filter tank. Due to the high  volume of the cylindrical shape, a small footprint is sufficient. You  can operate the Deltec Skimmer 600i variably in 15cm to 25 cm water  depth.