Deltec 3000i

  • 10 600 kr

För akvarievolym 2000 - 3000 liter

The new Skimmer i Series are powered by a 24V DC pump. This pump includes a "soft start", which means                    
the rotor will slowly accelerate to the power level set on the controller. On models without the controller,                    
the acceleration is to full power. This slow acceleration ensures that the pump is guaranteed to start even                    
under difficult conditions. The choice of the power stage is selected by pressing the + and - buttons                    
on the 8-stage controller. By pressing the "Feed" button the pump is stopped for 10 minutes.                    
After this period the pump continues to operate at the previously set level.                    
The Skimmer ix Series are powered by an 230V AC pump.                      
They are ready to use, a separate water supply is not required.                    
Manually Skimmer cup cleaning system                    
The foam tube of the skimmer cup is cleaned by a silicone wiper.                    
The foam tube of the skimmer cup is cleaned by rotating silicon wipers every 4 hours.                    
When offing a timer, cleaning intervals can be emptied automatically through a siphon system.