Sili-Out 2, 360g

  • 140 kr
Lagersaldo: 1

500 ml

Sili-Out 2 removes silicate, phosphate, barium, arsenic, chromium, as well as dyes and turbidities from water quickly, reliably and permanently, and improves the water quality for the long term.

Sili-Out 2 specifically reduces the above-mentioned pollutants in a way that is harmless for your animals and without affecting the pH value.

Sili-Out 2 improves the natural growth of corals and plants in polluted areas within a very short time. The growth of undesirable diatoms is sustainably prevented.

Sili-Out 2 is an aluminium-based product with a purity level above 99 %

Dosage :
Use 50 ml per 100 litres of water.

• Always start with the recommended quantity of Sili-Out 2 and increase it by up to 100 ml for 100 litres of water, if necessary.
• Rinse Sili-Out 2 thoroughly under water prior to use to remove abra-sion dust.
• The ideal phosphate value in saltwater aquariums should be between 0.02 - 0.05 mg and the silicate value should be ‘non-detectable’.
• We recommend using Sili-Out 2 in a fluidized bed filter or filter sleeve in an area with good water flow, such as exterior or internal filters.
• Use our Substrate Cleaner regularly to remove phosphate deposits. During this application, Sili-Out 2 has to be removed from the aquari-um cycle until the water is clear again.
• Use Sili-Out 2 (aluminium-based) every other month, alternating with Phos-Out 4 (iron hydroxide-based), to avoid unwanted enrichment of aluminium or iron.