Aqua-Crobes 100ml

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Biologisk produkt. Stödjer immunsystemet hos allt levande i akvariet

 Aqua Crobes contains naturally occurring bacteria and enzymes. These bacteria reduce the number of pathogenic bacteria in the aquarium to such a low number that they no longer pose a threat to your animals. Aqua-Crobes competes with pathogenic bacteria such as Vibrio, Pseudomonas, Aeromonas, Streptococcus, Allococcus, Myxobacterium, Columnaris and other negative bacteria.

 Aqua Crobes competes by introducing bacteria that are beneficial to the animals in the aquarium. This process is called competitive exclusion. Aqua-Crobes competes with the disease-causing bacteria for the nutrients in the water that they depend on to survive while waiting to attack a low-resistance animal. At the same time, they produce small peptides that are toxic to the pathogenic bacteria. When you use Aqua-Crobes as directed, the number of pathogenic bacteria in the aquarium will be so low that they no longer pose a threat to the health of your animals. It is impossible to fight all pathogenic bacteria in the aquarium. If you continue to use Aqua-Crobes on a regular basis, the numbers of pathogenic bacteria will remain so low that they no longer pose a threat to your animals.

 Aqua-Crobes is not a drug or chemotherapeutic product and is safe for all your animals in the aquarium. Aqua-Crobes does not compete with other bacteria supplements such as BioGro or Stability because they extract other nutrients from the water. The bacteria in BioGro or Stability, for example, feed on Ammonia, Nitrogen, etc. Aqua-Crobes feeds on the nutrients that, for example, Aeromonas and Vibrio bacteria need to survive in your aquarium (including fish poo). Because they utilize different nutrients, BioGro or Stability can be used simultaneously. Aqua-Crobes is one of the best kept secrets in the commercial fish and shrimp farms. It promotes healthy farming of many types of fish and shrimp and increases survival rates. Aqua-Crobes also improves brine shrimp, copepods and brachionus cultures by improving water quality.


  •  Start application: 1ml per 160 liters, once every 3 days for a period of 9 days.
  •  Second application: 1ml per 160 liters, once a week for a period of 2 weeks.
  •  Maintenance application: 0.25ml per 160 liters once a week.
  •  Switch off your UV lamp during the first five treatments with Aqua-Crobes.
  •  Do not use any other liquid antibiotics during the first five treatments.
  •  If your fish are already suffering from an existing bacterial infection, you can (safely) double the dose.
  •  Wash your hands thoroughly with warm water and soap after the treatment. Avoid inhalation and contact with eyes.
  •  Aquariums with low oxygen levels should be monitored and extra aerated during treatment.
  •  Keep refrigerated after opening.
  •  Aqua-Crobes only contains Biosafety Level Class 1 bacteria that are non-toxic and contain naturally occurring organisms / enzymes.