Microbe-Lift coralscaper, 2x60g

  • 140 kr
Lagersaldo: 4

120 g

Coralscaper is a specially developed two-component putty for the quick and neat  fixation of corals and offshoots, inside or outside the water.

Coralscaper is free from pollutants, odourless and easy to handle cleanly and without residue. The product‘s perfectly balanced composition prevents water clouding.

Coralscaper is easy to mould, hardens quickly and without heatdevelopment.

Instructions for use:

Knead together 1 part component A (grey) and 1 part component B (purple) for approx. 30 seconds, until you have an even overall colour. Within 80 seconds, join the two parts to be  fixed together with the mixture in a form-fitting way.