• 14 990 kr

Red Sea akvarierna levereras snabbt hem till din dörr för 60 kr.

Red Sea Nano komplett plug & play saltvattensakvarium.

MAX NANOs come fully equipped
with everything needed to sustain
a reef aquarium, sparing you from
dealing with component selection
or compatibility.

Every piece of equipment incorporated
in the system was designed on the basis
of Red Sea’s 30 years of research on
the needs of corals in artificial environments,
resulting in optimal coral growth and coloration.

MAX NANOs are ideal for first-timers
who want to experience what it’s like
to grow their own corals, as well as
advanced reefers interested in a tank
that won’t consume too much space or time.

Cube: 45x45x45 cm
Peninsula: 45x58,5x45

Höjd inkl. möbel: 132 cm
Glastjocklek: 8 mm