Aqua Illumination Nero 7

  • 3 790 kr

Maximum Glass Thickness:0.79 in. (20 mm)
Flow Rate:4,000 gph
(15,142 lph)
Power Consumption:Variable, 40W max
Recommended Tank Size:80-500+ gallons

Included Pump modes

Constant Speed

A constant stream of flow at the intensity of your choosing.


Consisting of uniform high and low levels.


Simulates a high-energy reef environment.

Aim True

With a large range of movement in all directions, you can direct the flow where your tank needs it most.

Simple Built-in Control

All AI devices include smart control standard. Use the myAI® app on any iOS or Android device to easily set up or program your Nero pumps. Nero also supports Mobius control. Visit or download the Mobius app for more information.

Included Nero Guard

The Nero Guard offers more safety to slow-swimming and curious inhabitants.