Microbe-Lift NOPO Control, 473 ml

  • 150 kr

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473 ml    

Microbe-Lift NOPO Control is a specially developed liquid made from selected hydrocarbons. They ensure the safe and optimal biological degradation of nitrate (NO3) and phosphate (PO4) in every sea and freshwater aquarium. Microbe-Lift NOPO Control maximises the efficiency of the bacteria present in the aquarium, which enables an efficient breakdown of nitrate and phosphate even with high nutrient values.

Microbe-Lift NOPO Control creates a sustainably improved biology in the aquarium. Your corals enjoy my additional source of energy. The growth is strengthened and the colours become more magnificent.


  • For maximum effectiveness, we recommend using Microbe-Lift NOPO together with Microbe-Lift Special Blend. Allow at least 48 hours between doses of both products.
  • Check the nutrient values in your aquarium regularly to prevent them from becoming limited.
  • Make sure that your PO4 value does not drop to 0, as corals, plants and bacteria need it as an energy source and it is essential for successful nitrate breakdown.
  • In the case of bacterial bloom, we recommend using a UV-C clarifier.


Start with a daily addition of 2 ml per 100 litres of water and increase this to max. 10 ml per 100 litres of water until a reduction in nutritional values can be measured.

Keep the selected dosage until you reach the desired nutritional values and then adjust them if necessary to keep the values stable.