Microbe-Lift Basic P Phosphat Plus, 473 ml

  • 150 kr

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473 ml    

Basic P is a stable and specially coordinated phosphate mixture, for a targeted increase in the PO4 value in every saltwater and freshwater aquarium.

Basic P effectively prevents a dangerous phosphate limitation for corals and plants while increasing their growth and health long-term.



• Increase the phosphate value slowly and gently so that your corals and plants can adapt optimally.

• Make sure that the phosphate value never drops to 0 mg/l, as corals and plants need phosphate for healthy growth.

• Phosphate is vital to both nitrifying (ammonium/ammonia -> nitrite -> nitrate) and denitrifying (nitrate -> nitrogen) bacteria as a natural energy source, which means an adequate phosphate level must always be maintained.