D&D osmos RO 150 ca 450 l per dygn

  • 2 295 kr

Produkten är tyvärr slut i lager. 

D&D RO Unit (475 liter/day)

Reverse  osmosis water is essentially free from chlorine, nitrates, phosphates  and heavy metals and is an ideal base for making up salt solutions or  for freshwater aquariums or replacement of evaporated loss.

Tap  water is generally full of these pollutants and the effect on your  aquarium can be quite severe depending on how bad the water is in your  particular area, fueling algae and diatom blooms which must be then  maintained by chemical methods.

D-D have a  comprehensive range of RO units to suit every application and depth of  pocket but offer 3 main units with either 50, 75 or 125 G membranes. 

The three stages consist of

1  - A 10" 5 micron pre-filter to remove sediments and particles from the  mains water to protect the membrane from clogging and extend it's life.  This is housed in a clear membrane to allow you to monitor the colour  and life of the disposable element. We recommend that this low cost  filter element is changed at a maximum interval of 6 months.

2  - A 10" 10 micron block carbon filter. This carbon filter is designed  to remove the chlorine from the water. In the UK the chlorine levels are  generally not high however we still recommend that you change this  element every 6 months.

3 - The RO Membrane and housing. This stage holds the membrane itself. All D-D membranes are high quality thin film membranes.