D&D H2Ocean Pro+ Reef Paste

  • 129 kr

Produkten är tyvärr slut i lager. 

125 ml, 140 g

An innovative way to provide a nutritional diet for all fish and corals in the marine aquarium
over an extended natural feeding period.
The paste contains a blend of specially selected fish and shellfish extracts together with
a sticky nutritional protein based binder allowing it to be stuck onto the glass or living rock.
Reef paste has a complete balanced profile and contains our unique soluble amino acid
feeding trigger to enhance the feeding response in both fish and corals.
USE: Roll a ball of reef paste and stick it directly to the glass or rock structure. As the paste
is eaten by the fish it will release a fine particle cloud into the water which will feed corals,
filter feeders and micro-fauna. The high levels of whole powdered krill provide natural
colour enhancement.