D&D Coral Colour Lens 2nd gen

  • 275 kr

Produkten är tyvärr slut i lager. 

A simple clip on colour adjustment and close focus lens system for all smartphones & tablets. 

This fantastic little device is simple to use and gives great results. 

When photographing your corals in the aquarium, the photographs never  look as good you see by eye as the human brain auto colour corrects to  remove the high blue shift that we run on lighting. The Coral Colour  system has an orange lens for correction of 15K lighting and a secondary  yellow lens to use in conjunction with the orange lens for 20K  lighting.

Photos taken with Coral Colour


These fantastic photos are direct from an iPhone and were taken with our Coral Colour lens after only 5 minutes practice.

Pictures courtesy of Inga at Reefkeeper Rugby.