D&D ClariSea gen. 3 Fleece Filter

  • 4 100 kr

Obs! Nu Gen. 3 i lager.


Crystal clear water on a roll

The new compact ClariSea Fleece Filter will fit into the smallest of sumps without comprising on flow rate. 

This high efficiency water filtration system removes suspended particles such as detritus, food, organic waste and gravel dust from the water column before they can break down and pollute your aquarium water.

Suitable for use in marine aquariums, freshwater aquariums, fish-breeding systems and propagation systems for corals.


• High volume filtration capacity

• Minimal installation footprint

• Hang-on or free standing

• Completely replaces the need for filter socks

• Self-assembly for easy cleaning

• Multiple installation options

• Automatic advance of dirty fleece

• Multi-function smart controller

• End of roll audible alarm

• Filter jam/float error/water depth alarm

• Phosphate free fleece material

• Special low-odour fleece material

• Integrated fail-safe overflow

• Silencer plates for quiet operation

• Water bypass system

• Particle size removal: down to 20 microns

• Max. flow rate: SK3000 - 3,000l/h, SK5000 - 5,000 l/h